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Chinese Gold Reserves Rise 16.15 Tonnes In August
by Louis Cammarosano | September 18, 2015


China’s Gold Reserves.
Chinese Gold Reserves increased by over 16 tonnes in August.
Total reported Chinese gold reserves stand at over 1693 tonnes.

For the third time in as many months, China has updated its gold reserves.

In June 2015, China updated its gold reserves for the first time since 2009 by reporting an additional 604 tonnes. In August, China updated its gold reserves for July adding 19.4 tonnes. This September, China reported adding 16.15 tonnes of gold to its reserves during the month of August.+

Chinese Gold Reserves 2009-2015

After adding 604 tonnes ofgold to its reserves in June and 19.4 tonnes in July, China added 16.15 tonnes in August bringing its total gold reserves to 1693.25 tonnes.

While China has been adding to its reserves since 2009, Russia has officially been adding more as the chart below indicates:

Russian Gold Reserves 2009-2015

Russia has added over 661 tonnes of gold to its reserves since 2009 through July 2015 bringing its total to 1275 tons. Since 2009 through July 2015, China has added about 623 tons of gold to its reserves. *Russia has not yet reported its August gold reserves.

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