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Ron Paul: The same thing will happen to the Federal Reserve as happened to the Soviet Union
Posted by Robert Wenzel | March 30, 2013

Ron Paul spoke this morning in Santiago, Chile.

Jim Rickards sent out the following tweets from the event:

A raucous, extended standing ovation for #RonPaul here in #Santiago. Paul: "It sounds like the revolution has gone international!"
One of the most attractive things about #RonPaul is his humility. Before he started speaking, he took time to introduce and thank his wife. [Note: This is genuine Ron Paul and not the "performance humility" of the new Pope-RW]
#RonPaul in #Santiago: "The same thing will happen to the Federal Reserve as happened to the Soviet Union."
More of #RonPaul in #Santiago: "The handwriting's on the wall; the system is failing."
In #Chile #RonPaul: "What are they going to replace it with. It could go into a fascist state. I don't believe we'll work our way out of it"
From #RonPaul in #Santiago: "If we do nothing to promote correct ideas, the other side will prevail."
From #Santiago & #RonPaul: "Liberty has been divided into two parts; economic liberty & personal liberty. We must put those back together."
More #RonPaul in #Santiago: "Those same fences that keep people out can keep us in. I'm talking about #CapitalControls."
#RonPaul in #Santiago, #Chile: "People in Washington say we need to sacrifice. I say abolish the #IRS. That's not a sacrifice, it's a gift!"
#RonPaul speech ran 20 minutes over. No one minded at all. The audience hung on every word.
#RonPaul: Thing that encourages him most is reception he gets on liberal campuses like #Berkeley & #AnnArbor. Liberty unites left & right.

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