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Half Dimes have the same general designs as larger United States silver coins. Authorized by the Act of April 2, 1792, they were not struck until February 1795, although some were dated 1794. At first the weight was 20.8 grains, and fineness .8924. By the Act of January 18, 1837, the weight was reduced to 20-5/8 grains and the fineness changed to .900. The weight was later reduced to 19.2 grains by the Act of February 21, 1853. Half Dimes offer many varieties in the early dates.

The four 1794 Half Dimes dated vars. were all struck in 1795. The last and least rare (close date, F rests on leaf) followed the first two dated 1795, which share the same reverse die before it cracked with the 1794 obverse.

1794 Flowing Hair Half Dime
1794 Wild date. Very rare. Breen 1-A. Right branch ends in double leaf. Delivered March 1795. Possibly 3 UNCs.
1794 Close date. Very scarce. Price for Breen 3-C. Breen 2-A, 2-B are nearly as rare as last and will bring about as much. Delivered March 1795.
1795 Flowing Hair Half Dime
1795 7 curls. Many UNCs from the hoard are available for a price. Other vars. Breen 1-A, 2-A, 3-B, 6-C are all very rare.
1795 Six curls. Very rare. Breen 4-B, 5-B, 5-C. Usually in low grades. Hilt attributes this device punch to John Smith Gardner.


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