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Quarter Eagles

1909 Indian Quarter Eagle
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1909 $2.50 Indian
Inquire $650

1909 Quarter Eagle Indian (1909 $2.50 Indian) NGC MS61 CAC. Mint luster gleams from within the design of this mint state 1909 Quarter Eagle Indian. A few marks on the field, especially the reverse and a light tick on the Indian’s cheek keep this coin from a higher mint state grade, which is confirmed by its CAC sticker. The strike is above average especially on the obverse. The main device on the obverse is the head of the brave whose name and tribe are unknown.

It is incuse and so are the thirteen stars, the word LIBERTY at the top, and the date below. All of the reverse devices are incuse as well. The majestic standing eagle faces left with its right leg thrust forward. It stands on a tightly bound bundle of arrows. An olive branch is in front of the arrows, extending beyond to the left. The right talon holds the branch against the bundle. E PLURIBUS UNUM is to the left of the eagle, and IN GOD WE TRUST is to the right. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is in an arc above, and the denomination is below.

Because of its large mintage, this coin would make an excellent piece for a type set of gold coins or a Twentieth Century type set.

Happy Collecting,
Thomas M. Pilitowski