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1824/1 Quarter Eagle

Please call: 1-800-624-1870
1824/1 $2.5
Inquire SOLD

1824/1 Quarter Eagle $2.5 NGC MS62. Beautiful, original color. 1824/1 $2.50 (BD-1, R-5) NGC MS62. A type which is already considered to be extremely difficult to obtain in uncirculated condition, the 1824/1 had a mintage of just 2,600 pieces, and the number of survivors is much lower. As such, the present opportunity of obtaining this date in this condition, might be the only chance a serious collector will have in decades. More importantly, this is the case for every date within the Capped Bust Quarter Eagle series, and both type and specialized collectors will realize the present opportunity is a rare one. No doubt, the present coin is within the condition census of this date (represented by just a single variety, the present), one of perhaps an estimated 50 known to exist in all grades.

In many references the date we presently offer is considered to be “common” within the context of the series. However, this is more or less a major misnomer, as there is not a single United States coin that can be called common with such a low number of specimens known to exist in all grades. And even within the context of the series, it is not the scarcest dates (although most fall in the same range as the present coin), especially in higher grades. As a somewhat special “bonus”, this coin exhibits one of the most boldly visible overdates in all of American coinage. Of course, there is only a single die variety known, so all 1824 quarter eagles are overdates, but it does add a little extra to collectors putting together specialized sets.

Even with so few examples known in all grades, there are a few common things that remain a problem on many of the known capped bust quarter eagles. As the examples that have survived in high grades have been impounded in private collections for longer periods of time, many have been cleaned. This was common practice during longer periods in decade, and was generally accepted, but is now disapproved. However, because of this, earlier generations have left us with a large number of coins without original surfaces, coins which have become lower valued compared to coins with original surfaces. Luckily enough for the collector or investor who plans to acquire the present piece, it is fully original, and a true beauty as well.

The strike is remarkably strong, on both sides, with no weakness noted on any points of the design. No major hits are seen on either the devices or the fields, and the few scattered minor marks are barely noticeable. Fresh, full and subdued luster is visible on both sides as well, and looks extremely pleasing as well. Most importantly, the surfaces feature the original green-gold coloration, the original color for gold of this period, but seldom found on any gold coins from the 1820s. With just 50 pieces known to exist in all grades, the present in the condition census and an increase in demand for original early gold coinage, this is a coin which should please both the specialist as well as the conscious investor.


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US Rare Coin Investments 2003 - 2014 U.S. Rare Coin Investments

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