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November 28, 2014


1859 $3 Gold PCGS MS66
Click on Coin Image to enlarge

1855 Gold $1

1859 $3 Gold PCGS MS66- $46,500.00

A gem 1859 Three Dollar Gold. Tied for the finest graded at PCGS. This rare, 1859 Three Dollar Indian Princess has pleasingly clean surfaces, a strong obverse strike, and subdued mint luster, which glows from its devices.

Please contact me by email or telephone 1-800-624-1870 to reserve this great coin.

James Longacre designed the coin using the Indian Princess for his main device. He had to create a motif that would be distinctly different from the quarter and half eagle coronet designs. The design, similar to his Gold Dollar Large Head, shows a head of Liberty facing left in profile wearing a stylized headdress. Inscribed on the headband is LIBERTY. She is surrounded by the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

In using the Indian Princess design, Longacre felt that he was creating something that was uniquely American rather than an adoption from the classics. The reverse of the piece shows an open wreath of corn, cotton, wheat, and tobacco tied at the bottom with a bow. The denomination 3 appears at the top center of the wreath, with DOLLARS and the date below within the wreath. Longacre liked the wreath design so much that he adopted it for use on the small cent of 1856.


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Very Truly Yours,

Tom Pilitowski
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