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April 27, 2015


Gem 1907 High Relief $20 Wire Rim NGC MS66 - $67,000.
Click on Coin Image to enlarge

GEM SATIN SURFACES. The exquisite example offered here is truly pristine in every respect. Glorious and resplendent surfaces shimmer in yellow golden hues beneath thick creamy luster. The medallic strike is hammered and bold providing razor sharp detail on the sculpted devices. It is scarcely imaginable that there is a finer example of this issue in existence anywhere.

The opportunity to own one of these amazing coins is certainly a privilege for the elite numismatist and to locate a specimen in such a lofty grade as MS66 is exceptional good fortune that must be seized upon. The consummate American coin, this is a museum piece that is worthy of inclusion in the very best of the best numismatic collection. MAGNIFICENT !!!

Please contact me by email or telephone 1-800-624-1870 to reserve this great coin.

1907 $20 Saint-Gaudens, High Relief, Roman Numerals (MCMVII), Wire Rim. It was the intention of President Theodore Roosevelt, who hand-selected Saint-Gaudens to redesign the $20 gold piece, that our coinage should receive a face lift and be elevated to the level of artistry achieved by the ancient Greeks. He believed that coinage was reflective of the society that produced it and wanted designs befitting our status as a major world power and leading democracy. America’s largest circulating denomination coin, the gold double eagle, was to be the centerpiece of this renaissance. Saint-Gaudens’ rendering of Lady Liberty on the obverse and a flying eagle on the reverse certainly achieved the desired result.

Though hailed as an aesthetic triumph at the time, the High Relief Double Eagle was quickly deemed impractical for circulating coinage due to problems stacking the coins as well as the multiple strikes needed to produce them. After minting just 12,367 pieces (inclusive of both Wire Rim and Flat Rim varieties) the relief was lowered and the date modified to Arabic numerals. Some 361,667 of this latter type were then minted in 1907. These fabulous numismatic masterpieces have been extremely popular with collectors from their very inception but with the release of the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle last year, interest in this issue has soared to new heights.


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Very Truly Yours,

Tom Pilitowski
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