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May 18 , 2015

Dear Client,

Want to know what’s going on in the inside world of rare coins? The following is a newsletter from a colleague who is a part of the wholesale rare coin market and who does many millions of dollars a year in rare coins who is describing an auction in the art world and the direction of the numismatic marketplace, particularly when referring to the great rarities.

Speaking of which, have you sold off the duplicates and coins that have not made you happy in order to trade for coins that will make you happy? Need some help? Write or call me, I’ll do my best to get you positioned where you are happy.

Tom Pilitowski

Picasso Sells for $179.4 Million

Giacometti Sculpture Sells for $141.3 Million!!


There is little doubt that the world’s greatest pieces of art have been on the rise. Tonight, history was set as a Picasso painting sold for a staggering $179,400,000 at auction in New York. During the SAME SALE, an Alberto Giacometti Sculpture of the “Pointing Man” sold for $141,300,000!

There IS money out there, and that money is finding its way into coins, the greatest masterpieces of the United States Mint and its engravers and the HISTORY OF MONEY…

There are two coins in the Pogue Collection which are expected to sell for astonishing $10,000,000 sums. But is that so astonishing? So astonishing in a world in which paintings are selling for not 7 figures…not 8 figures…but 9 figures??

If a stickman figure can sell for $141.3 Million, what is the future for rare coins? They represent the history of our nation and of commerce, and in many instances only a few are known of each specimen and some are unique.

Rare Coins have been regarded as the KING OF HOBBIES for generations. In a world full of bank wires, credit cards and other electronic means of exchange, rare coins remain the history of global commerce. And for people WITH MONEY, there is no greater progression than to acquire the very HISTORY OF IT!!

We’ve come a long way, but there’s still much work to do. With your help, we can turn rare coins into the hobby of all people from all walks of life and from all economic backgrounds. When auctions such as these occur, I can’t help but become invigorated about the future of the rare coin market and what could be had with more of your enthusiasm!

If you’ve been looking to put your clients into rare coins and haven’t quite figured out how, give us a call.

We are here to help you acquire a tangible piece of history, an artwork that can never be replicated, federally authorized by the stars and stripes by master artisans of the highest order that have given their precious art for free to live on the coins that have circulated throughout history and during every major moment from America’s birth to present.

Very Truly Yours,

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free:
Email: TomPilitowski@yahoo.com

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