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November 15, 2008


Dear Customer,

US Rare Coin Investments (USRCI) wants to PURCHASE your Rare Coins, Bullion, or Collections

If you are considering selling any of your Rare Coins, Rare Jewelry or Bullion, you want to PAY ATTENTION to this announcement...

USRCI is Actively Buying Rare Coins Bullion Collections

Due to current market conditions many US Rare Coin Investments Customers see a prime opportunity to liquidate some of their Rare Coin investments, in order to be able to re-invest in more desirable Rare Coins and Collections. Did you for example purchase early Eagles dated 1799-1801 from us in the last decade for $7,000.00-$17,000.00 ? Did you know that you can more than triple your money if you purchased the first ones we offered you and at least make double digit returns on your coin to cash liquidations even if you paid 17K for them?

Why US Rare Coin Investments?
US Rare Coin Investments is the preferred one-stop source for collectors and coin investors from many reasons...

USRCI is always buying special rarities

USRCI pays strong sight-seen money ( for coins we can view here on the premises)

USRCI provides free, no cost evaluations for coins here on the premises

USRCI pays strong $$$ for products ranging from bullion, jewelry, collectibles to coin rarities

USRCI offers protected INSURED EXPESS MAIL shipping to secure your transaction

USRCI wants you as a long term client!

USRCI will help maximize the prices realized for your coins either thru direct sale or via auction. We recently helped one fellow sell his coins thru auction at MOST favored rates. Coins he purchased from a telemarketer in California. We can help you too!

We have a huge want list of many different categories of collectibles and for other items that have intrinsic value such as gold, platinum jewelry. We need more than 10 Gold Rolex Wristwatches right now as a case in point for customers looking to buy for the holidays.


Have special rare coins? NOBODY will treat you better or pay more for your special coins if they are truly special and a cut above in terms of quality. Nobody.


Have coins that you don't want to just "sell" but to "change" for better coins, or coins that you will feel comfortable holding for the upcoming bear market? Don't wait till everyone is trying to hit the exit door at the same time. Call us NOW!


Want to protect the value of your dollars? This government is printing money in such volumes it makes the Weimar Republic almost look conservative and anyone who think's that this new fellow that will be in the White House will be any different is being delusional. Consider buying common date US Gold coins such as St Gaudens or Liberties and do something to protect yourself frominflation in the years ahead.

If you are considering Selling any of your Rare Coins, from common to great individual rarities, singularly or Collections, NOW may be the optimal timing to do so... Please contact US Rare Coin Investments to discuss selling your coins or collections today.

Contact US Rare Coin Investments... Get the fair treatment you deserve


Best Regards,

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free:
Email: TomPilitowski@yahoo.com


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