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February 14, 2009


Hello All,

The Long Beach convention last week had us jumping here at US Rare Coin Investments. We are happy to report that with our colleagues, we were able to add 6 Figures to our inventory! Yes, we lucked out and made some fantastic purchases. The bad news is we sold a lot more than we bought. Why is this bad news and shouldn't we be happy about selling so much?

Well, of course we are happy about selling so many coins. We even did business for the very first time with a number of new people, some of whom were apparently big customerts of one of the giant auction companies who told us that they're now of the full realization that using our expert buying and selling services will be infinitely more efficient and profitable than going thru them. We agree but when we say that, not everyone listens. The old expression, you can lead a horse to water...........

The following is a write up in The Journal of Financial Planning. If you are considering any of your finances being in the coin business as an "investment", please take a little time to read the enclosed article. This fellow makes a good case as to why rare coins, gold coins, numismatic coins, "what we deal in here at US Rare Coin Investments", makes sense to own , that they have outperformed the stock market and how the future looks positive for an investment in quality gold coins, or rare coins in general.

We have also started to add images to nearly a half a million dollars in new gold coin purchases, and an additional couple dozen or so rare coins in other series images. Please have a loot at the series that most interests you and check out the great coins we are offering. Also, please note the first paragraph in this rare coin update and notice that we NEED TO BUY COINS!. Please, if you have coins that do not fit with your investment goals, or make any sense with regards to your overall collection ideas. Whether it's a footlocker full of bullion coins, silver eagles, sets of American gold eagles, banged up coins mounted in jewelry, up to a Gem 1804 Silver dollar, we need your material! Please offer to us and remember WE will cover your insurance if you send your material to us via overnight express mail at the post office. Others claim to use fed ex. Don't do it! Yes it's easier to use fed ex but it's not the safety of the US Postal Service. And in this business, safety is important! And remember still, whether you are sending us a few silver dollars valued at less than $100.00 or a million dollar collection of rare date gold coins, we will make you a cash offer that you can take to the bank within 24 hours. For the more substantive collections, ask us about our bank wire payments where as soon as we agree on the price, we'll send you a wire and you will have clear funds within hours. We will also help you maximize your liquidation prices and explore other options such as consignment, auction, or selling direct to other specialists. We are interested in whatever is best for you. Your success means our success.

Now, here's the article from the Financial Planning people: Rare Coins: A Distinct and Attractive Asset Class CLICK HERE

Very Truly Yours

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free:
Email: TomPilitowski@yahoo.com


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