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April 25, 2009


Word’s Getting Out About Rare Coin Investments!

Hi all,

I hope all is well for you and yours. About 2 weeks ago, I received a phone call from a representative of Forbes Magazine. The purpose of the call had to do with a request to use images of rare coins that are on my website. When I asked about the article that was being written, I was told that it was basically an article about ultra rare Numismatic coins. Not just gold coins either mind you, but silver and rare copper coins. And the kind that US Rare Coin Investments is known to deal in. But she would not give me any more information than that except to say, it’ll be in Thursdays issue!

It’s starting to become obvious that even the mainstream investment press is waking up to the potential that quality rare coins holds for people who are looking for safety and capital appreciation. Here’s the article with great thanks to the fine people at the Forbes organization.

Many of the readers here are well aware of how well quality and rare gold and silver coins perform over the long term. Let’s trace the investment performance of one coin that nobody seemed to think of as an investment years ago. About 14 or so years ago, I was recommending that my customers purchase early US gold coins to put away for what I believed would be a good solid long term investment. Specifically I was recommending a series known to collectors as the Capped Bust to Right (1795-1804) Early Gold $10. Eagles. I’ve always liked early US coins and believed that every date in the early eagle series was not only undervalued, I believed they were greatly undervalued. A number of my customers followed my lead on this and made some purchases. These coins by and large cost in the range of $4500.00-$6,000.00 and the higher figure purchased truly exceptional for the grade specimens. I took a position as well and felt that someday these coins would find their true value in the $20,000.00-$25,000.00 range. How have they performed? Well, there are sales figures showing some of these coins realizing more than $30,000.00 2 years ago! They have since started to contract and have been trading in the low $20K’s recently. I think they need to come down a little more before I’m motivated to recommending them as a long term gold coin investment again. And I believe that will happen although I do not know when of course.

I’ve since jumped off the early gold eagle bandwagon and have been purchasing not only other early gold coins which I think are undervalued, but am involved in a completely different series of coins and frankly I’m even more motivated on these other series as I was on the early eagles so many years ago. I’m not publishing this newsletter for the world, including other dealers and telemarketers to read however. If you’d like to know what I’m recommending you’ll have to contact me personally.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy reading the new Forbes article on rare coin investments. Funny thing about these rare coins and how some of them perform as investments. In the last couple of years we have witnessed the government printing money like it’s going out of style, almost trying to become the Weimar Republic, and more “mainstream” investments such as real estate is imploding everywhere, stocks are on extremely shaky ground and losing ground for the most part, banks, if their even in business are offering interest rates that are laughable. Meanwhile, of all the investments in the world, one investment has shined brightly and that investment has been around a lot longer than stocks and that’s rare coins. And for years they’ve been giving us something that none of those other investments have given us……….a positive return

Happy Collecting!

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free:
Email: TomPilitowski@yahoo.com


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