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October 09, 2011

US Rare Coin Investments Updates and Newps

Dear Client,

I hope all is well. I know it’s been a while since you’re seen anything in print from us and I’m sorry about that. I promise to write more updates and Mike plans on writing an article or two as well and he’s a good researcher and numismatist so this will be welcome to all!

There’s lots’ going on round here! We have been experiencing a very busy post summer season and several projects we've been working on for nearly a year are just now getting close enough to a formal announcement in the coin papers and press that I’ll leak information about 2 of them here. The gold markets have been an exciting area to be in and watch lately and it seems that collectors are in pursuit of coins of all kinds, particularly early and better date gold, Carson city gold, proof gold, anything early really that’s solid for the grade, all areas that yours truly has been heavily into for 2+ decades so. Not only has there been a steady increase in the numbers of collectors interested in early numismatics there’s also been a good percentage of folks who are growing into early coins after many years of collecting this and that, are now getting more focused. Some collectors and investors are going from having footlockers and closets full of coins to a few dozen really good coins maybe, but please follow my advice and when you do this, choose quality coins as though they are the last coin you're going to buy. Own quality and rarity and make it your mission to be happy with the coins that you do have and go after the rarity and quality. That doesn’t mean paying the type of premiums that some are charging for A quality coins but that also means not paying premiums for B and C quality coins which appears to be the type of material the giant sales organizations in California, Louisiana, Minnesota etc where there’s a prevalence of these phone rooms that have “account executives” calling you at dinner time to pitch coins to investors. These are not the places to find quality. But that will be the subject of an up-coming newsletter. Far as the rarity and quality, please scroll down to view a few specimens of some really great rare coins and spend a little time looking at the dozens of newps ( new purchases) being listed on the website almost daily with full descriptions and images if not already there, soon to follow.

Did you know that we have been working diligently on our new archives and that now there are almost 2,000 coins listed? That's right we have been working on an archive of coins bought, sold and traded and while it's sad that we didn't have much use for cameras in the business a decade ago, the good news is that the inventory of rare thru spectacularly rare coins is growing every day and that includes images and full descriptions. There are at least a few entities in the business who have built or are in the construction of archives, most are auction sales, but in our case while the archives represent a much more consistent array of rarities to collectors, dealers, investors, perhaps what’s more important is that while an auction archive may indeed show a finest known or several of a particular date, it is all one auction company while our archives show rare coins hand picked from hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars of coins, cherry picked in many cases from every major coin show, coin auction, and private sales. Some of these have been off the market for decades for example we recently purchased several really neat early coins that were off the market for many decades. These coins have already been absorbed by the American Independence Collection of early US coinage.

This archive is sure to become a solid source of pricing information for quality coins, with what is building into a great source of information about Colonials, early and better date gold coins, territorial gold, pattern coinage, early silver dollars, proof gold, extraordinary world numismatics and all the types of coins that we have become known for over the years. Here you'll see more choice to gem 1857-S double eagles from the SS Central America than any other dealer on earth. Ditto on 1907 High Relief's. We buy and sell a lot of these coins and place many in long term collections and investment portfolios with some coins being removed from the market for decades into the future. Therefore as this archive is added to over time we think it will become an integral part of your pricing and other important research whether you're a dealer, a collector or an investor in coins.

You can sign up free here: http://www.usrarecoininvestments.com/register.php , then have access here: http://www.usrarecoininvestments.com/coins_for_sale/coin-archive.htm

Please feel free to contact me here with any thoughts, ideas on how to make it even better, or corrective criticism

And now on to the Newps!

Here’s a selection of some of the most important rare coins in the market:


Breath taking 1885-CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS68 - Price: $36,400.00

Historic Southern Rarity 1861-D Half Eagle PCGS AU53 - Price: $193,000.00

Very Choice 1813 Half Eagle NGC MS63 - Price: $21,750.00

Deep Watery Contrast Condition Census 1888 Quarter Eagle NGC PF64 CAM CAC - Price: $13,450.00

Tied Third Best ! 1872 Double Eagle NGC MS62 - Price: $17,925.00

Glorious Proof Only Extremely Rare 1883 Double Eagle NGC PF64 UCAM - Price: $178,000.00

Happy Hunting

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free:
Email: TomPilitowski@yahoo.com


P.S. We are learning a new camera system and hope to provide you with top quality enlarged images for you to really be able to fully research the coins on our website. Also note that we are striving to include a full description for every coin imaged and as we learn this new camera you'll be seeing even more images.

U.S. Rare Coin Investments


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