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June 27, 2013


USRCI Photo-Specimen is here!

Dear Fellow Numismatist,

As some of our clients know, we have been working for quite some time to develop a coin information folio with high resolution images and a full description along with historical data for customers to have as an in-depth source of information about their coins. The folios are full color, 8 ½ X 11 inches, and are fully laminated. They are beautiful and highly informative, and we've named them the "Photo-Specimen" of your rare coin.

We have had many inquiries as to when we will be offering this service to the public and that is being considered. For now, it will be an exclusive service for clients of US Rare Coin Investments. We do not believe that there is anyone in the business that offers anything like it, and very soon we will offer the Photo-Specimen service to the public.

Photo-Specimen provides historical content specific to the time your coin was in circulation and touches on people, places and events. The Photo-Specimen also provides relevant numismatic and/or population information. It provides enlarged high resolution images of the obverse and reverse of your coin, images of the specimen’s highlights as well as images of the coin encapsulation so there is no doubt that the imaged coin matches the description and numerical grade as assigned by the grading service*. For more information about Photo Specimen CLICK HERE!

For a limited time, every rare coin** purchased from US Rare Coin Investments by non-dealers, with the exception of generic common dates, will receive a free VIP Photo-Specimen, a $50 value free of charge.

These beautiful Photo-Specimens are informative and attractive. You will feel much safer keeping the actual coins in the bank’s safe deposit box while still being able to enjoy viewing your coins anytime. You will also have the history and other pertinent information all in the same place. Having a Photo-Specimen is also great for your records, for insurance purposes, and for your loved ones who sometimes look at us with question as we compile our collections and coin portfolios. Here is something tangible they can feel and read that will give them a better understanding about the positive aspects of these numismatic footprints of history. We can also customize the Photo-Specimen by adding the name of your collection, trust, or family name or person you are presenting the coin to.

Do you have coins that you purchased elsewhere and would like to have this service for those too? We can help. The cost for Photo-Specimens for US coins is $50.00 and for World coins it is $100 plus $5.99 for priority mailing. Just email us the submission form and we’ll provide you with shipping instructions and an invoice. But for coins purchased from us the new service is free with our compliments!


Happy Collecting

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free:
Email: TomPilitowski@yahoo.com


*Photo-Specimen will currently provide services for US and some World coins, tokens and medals which have been encapsulated by Numismatic Guarantee Corporation ( NGC ), Professional Coin Grading Service ( PCGS ) American Numismatic Association Certification Service/Amos Press ( ANACS )

** rare coin means non generic, not common. We will not provide free photo-specimens for generic 1924 st gaudens for example unless of course they are in MS-67 or higher.

US Rare Coin Investments 2003 - 2015 U.S. Rare Coin Investments

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