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March 21, 2013

Dear Client,

Who Ya Gonna Call! Dr Paul!. Here’s Dr Ron Paul being interviewed on fox news and the focus of course is on Dr Paul’s views on the economy, Ben Bernanke and the Fed, and gold, the latest right from the good doctors mouth.

Ron Paul, "Gold is the ultimate money," Fox Business News yesterday, 3/20/13

US Rare Coin Investments corporately and personally believes that owning some gold and silver in ones financial portfolio is a good thing. Those of us who believe that have done quite well in the last decade and it looks like we're in for a continuation of the government spending spree and maybe even another war on the horizon. Diversifying your portfolio with precious metals can be a wise thing to do. Diversifying spreads out ones portfolio and can reduce risk. If the real estate, stocks and bonds portion of the portfolio are not doing so well but the rare coins and precious metals are doing well, the overall portfolio should be reacting favorably because of this diversification.

While I must offer my shameless plug of quality numismatics and go on the record as stating that owning the right rare coins blows away the returns of precious metals even in the last decade, ( and some of those numismatics could be stellar performers in the decade ahead ),the purpose of this newsletter is to say howdy, it’s been a few months, I hope you and yours are well as I and the staff at USRCI wishes you all well