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US Rare Coin Investments provides you the latest gold and silver spot prices, ensuring that you pay fair market value, or in the case of selling, you get paid fair market value for your gold, silver, coins and other collectibles whose spot metal prices are relevant to their value. In times of economic uncertainty, the market for precious metals, rare coins, is generally stable to bullish.

If you have common or rare coins, singles or in quantity, US or Foreign that you would like to sell, please offer them to us by contactingTom Pilitowski. We are always interesting in buying your coins outright or accepting interesting consignments . Be sure to let us know what you have and what you are willing to accept for your material 1-800-624-1870

Or to see a generalization on how to sell us your coins or enlist our help in selling your items on consignment, please read the following coin buyers and sellers information by clicking here

Tom Pilitowski
U.S. Rare Coin Investments
P.O. Box 496607
Port Charlotte, Florida 33949
Tel: 941-629-4765
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870

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