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When it’s time to sell your coins you are faced with several alternatives. You can bring them to a coin shop and ask the owner what he will give you for them. You can consign them to an auction and wait for the results, or you can ship them to a rare coin dealer who will buy them from you directly. Each alternative has its advantages and disadvantages depending upon your circumstances.
Bringing them to the local coin shop is probably the fastest way to liquidate your holdings; however, since the proprietor in all likelihood will not have an immediate need for your coins, he will give you a low price. Furthermore, since he has high fixed expenses, he is not in the best position to offer you a good price for your coins.

Auction houses are a good alternative for some collectors but not most. Sometimes you can do very well with an auction house, but there are also problems. When you consign coins for auction, the house often recommends a rather low minimum bid. After all, they make money even if you don’t because they charge a percentage of the hammer or selling price to both buyer and seller. If anything happens to your coins prior to the auction, for example if they are lost or stolen, you will receive the minimum bid price. Sometimes the large auctions have many similar lots. If yours is one of them, it can be a disadvantage by comparison. Also because the auction house wants your coins to sell, they encourage you to have your raw coins certified and your certified coins recertified or CAC stickered. While this process does not guarantee a higher grade, it definitely yields more expense for the seller. The seller’s fee is usually 5 percent of the selling price. At the end when your holdings are finally sold, you receive a check for the net amount of the sale. All of the auction house’s expenses are deducted as well as any advance they may have given you. While auctions may be good for liquidating extreme rarities, they are not particularly helpful for the average collector. In addition it is common to have to wait for your payment for more than three months.

One of the truly good alternatives is shipping your coins to a reliable, knowledgeable rare coin dealer. He will make you a prompt offer in the form of a check, usually within twenty-four hours of his receiving the shipment. If you accept the offer, all you need do is cash the check. If you reject the offer, just return the check and he will return your coins.

US Rare Coin Investments has bought and sold many millions of dollars in rare coins over the years. The company has developed a large, solid group of both dealer and non dealer customers who represent a huge financial base in which to offer rare coins. If you would like to liquidate your coins quickly and fairly, ship them to Mr. Tom Pilitowski for a fast offer. Before you ship your coins, send an email to us to confirm our interest in what you wish to send. Your only expense will be the shipping cost. We cover the insurance up to $25.000 per box. If your coins are worth more than that amount, you must make more than one package. Please do not ask us to make you sight unseen offers on your coins unless you have bought them from us. Making you sight unseen offers would not be in either of our best interests, therefore we will not make them. In order to be covered by our insurance, you must follow our shipping instructions.


Tom Pilitowski and US Rare Coin Investments deal primarily in better date gold coins and silver coins for collectors and investors, in uncommon condition. While you may have coins that appear to be similar to the images you see on our site, most often they are not.
Many of the coins we handle were specially made and were meant to be preserved since the time of issue. The slightest imperfection or hint of wear can knock a coin’s quality down by several points. It is impossible for a non educated non collector to understand what grading involves, and it is best that you have a professional look at these coins.


If you do feel you have coins of superior quality, pieces that were passed down since they came from the Mint (prior to 1954), or were assembled by a knowledgeable numismatist, we'd be more than happy to help you evaluate them or we'd love to buy them!

However, if you have "common coins," it would be best to look up your local coin dealer in the phone book and bring your coins to them, or you can buy The Official Red Book to United States Coins 2012 (click here). See the list below. While we will help you liquidate larger holdings of these coins and generally offer better prices than the local shop, we will need to have them in hand before assigning any numismatists to handle them.

Package the coins in a sturdy box and seal it with a non-reflective brown tape (the post office will not accept shiny tape!) Bring the package to the post office, and send your coins via registered mail. Remember if we are to return coins to you, it is your responsibility to pay for those costs. Include a list if possible, and do not forget to include your address and contact information so we can forward you a check.

Please Note: Sorry, but we do NOT make sight-UNSEEN offers on any coins. Additionally, it is not possible to give fair quotes over the telephone sight unseen on better coins. Therefore we do not make such quotes. We can only provide answers about coins that are in our possession. However, the prices that US Rare Coin Investments will pay you for quality coins are among the highest in the business, and payments in the form of checks, trades, or bank wires can be made FAST. US Rare Coin Investments also accepts consignments. Ship your coins to us via Registered Mail or call for details on how to ship to us utilizing our insurance. You must follow the instructions for shipping in order to be covered by our insurance.

CLICK HERE for details on how to ship your coins to us!

If you have coins, US or foreign that you would like to sell, call or contact Tom Pilitowski now for a consultation. 1-800-624-1870

Tom Pilitowski
U.S. Rare Coin Investments
P.O. Box 496607
Port Charlotte, Florida 33949
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870

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