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Friday, September 14th, 2007

Dear Fellow Numismatist,

Greetings and happy "after labor day" from US Rare Coin Investments. We have a great selection of new coins for you to choose from this week, several of which are from new customers. Some of these offerings are great rarities such as the 1866-S No Motto Double Eagle in About Uncirculated, as well as tied top of condition census rarities such as the beautiful 1907-S Double Eagle in MS-65, both of which are shown below. There’s also a great new High Relief in MS-64, and a short run of slightly better date St Gaudens in Gem MS-65, all in PCGS holders, most of which are on the website but we’re including an image of a 1916-S shown below.

With gold trading above $700.00 an ounce and oil now tipping the scales at $80.00 a barrel, not to mention the continuing and long from over debacle in the sub prime mortgage market and real estate market in general, there have been many new faces at coin shows as well as calling and contacting us to buy coins as perhaps one of the last bastions of financial instruments which show promise in the days , months and maybe even years ahead. This increased demand is being felt throughout the coin business.

The coins shown below are a few of this weeks highlights. Please take a look at some of the new coins added to the website and bear in mind we do not only sell coins but we are among the top buyers of better coins in the business and not only do we pay fair and fast, we can also help you coordinate orderly liquidations thru auction. Oh and regarding auctions, we are in the midst of writing an update on the current state of the coin auction business which will appear soon. We will start exploring what appears to be a looming implosion in one of the oldest companies as well why selling at auction may not be in your best interests, depending on the type of coins you have for sale. In any event, this article will be a doozie!

Please contact us with your orders, coins for sale and any questions you may have.

Happy Hunting

1866-S $20 No Motto AU50 NGC - P.O.R

The last of the Type One double eagle issues, the 1866-S No Motto was struck early in the year prior to the arrival from Philadelphia of the new reverse dies featuring IN GOD WE TRUST added. The exact mintage of this rare coin is unknown, with estimates ranging from 12,000 pieces (the current Guide Book estimate) to an unrealistically high figure of 120,000 coins. It can be a formidable challenge to find a high grade about uncirculated specimen. Representatives in AU and finer grades are among the elite survivors of this date. The specimen shown here, has minimal abrasions, it retains a generous amount of luster and appears nicer than the last few we have seen for sale which were encapsulated at the same grade. This rarity is priced to sell quickly. If you would like to see an image of this Type I rarity please contact us immediately.
P.O.R Call 1-800-624-1870

1907-S $20. Liberty MS-63 NGC - $2,350.00

Lovely and premium quality for this scarce San Francisco minted double eagle, the last date minted in the series. In demand by collectors and investors this date has particular demand from investors who build last year and first year sets of coins.

1907-S $20. Liberty MS-65 NGC - $24,900.00

An incredible Gem of a 1907-S Double eagle, this specimen screams "top quality"! In an older NGC holder, the specimen shown has an absolute minimum of imperfections while displaying fully defined devices and almost mark free fields which is highly unusual for coins in this series and of this date. Census shows only 11 coins graded as MS-65's and NONE graded higher. Surely there are duplicates within the 11 that are grades making this a truly rare coin in the finest of condition.

1907 $20 High Relief, Wire Rim MS64 PCGS - $31,500.00

A sharply detailed Select Mint State example of the ever-popular MCMVII High Relief double eagle, this piece is fully brilliant with booming luster. The High Relief double eagle ranks as the most beautiful American coin ever produced, in the opinion of most collectors and numismatists. The artistry and talent of Augustus Saint-Gaudens created a coin design that may never be equaled again.

1916-S $20. St Gaudens, MS-65 PCGS - $2,175.00

Gem St Gaudens in MS-65! These slightly better dates like the 1922, 15-S, 14-D, 11-D, and others are truly undervalued in our opinion and we are trying in earnest to buy as many nice and exceptional for the grade coins in MS-65 and higher as we can find. These coins get our top recommendations for investors who want to own gold coins mixed with scarcity of a good ol American Double Eagle in top condition. Check our website for more and remember we DO have others that are not yet on the website so call or write for others. We happily discount orders of 5 coins or more. Call!

Please take a little time to view these wonderful coins using our “enlarge coin” option and do not hesitate to call/contact us with your order or questions.


Thank you for your business!

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870
Email: thecoinguy1955@yahoo.com

P.S. Do you have coins that you would like to sell? Tap into our buyer base which spends tens of millions of dollars per year on rare US and Foreign coins and aren't afraid to pay real premium for your better coins. Click Here to offer us your coins!

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