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August 17, 2016

J-67 1836 Gold $1 Pattern PCGS PR66 CAMEO CAC

J-67 1836 Gold $1 Pattern PCGS PR66 CAMEO CAC- $42,500.

1836 Gold Dollar Pattern - J-67 1836 Gold $1 Pattern PCGS PR66 CAMEO CAC. Liberty Cap. Gem Cameo. Rarity-5, highest CAC.

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While the denomination was certainly considered to be introduced to the monetary system in 1836, the design seems unlikely to have lasted until this design would have reached regular production. The obverse is almost fully copied from Mexican coins, and does not feature the portrait of Liberty which circulated on every denomination at the time. Of course, we will never know for sure, but this was perhaps meant as the last step before the creation of the final design for circulation. This design is known in various metals, including gold alloyed with silver, another experiment which is said to have been conducted in 1844.

Additionally, this is one of those pattern issues of which remarkably few details are known regarding originals and restrikes. Because of the existence of a single piece of this design struck over an 1859 gold dollar, it has been confirmed that restrikes were made around that period (most likely in that year, as the Mint appears to have been very active in their creation of restrikes at the time). However, it is not known how many restrikes were made, and if they are any different from originals. As such, this is a pattern issue which is usually not classified as either original or restrike, simply because the true characteristics are unknown to modern numismatic researchers.

Even with approximately 50 pieces known in all grades, few will have the excellent eye-appeal the present piece has. Both sides are highlighted by a very appealing orange-yellow gold color. Reflective fields and strong frosted devices give the coins’ surfaces a strong black and white look, most often seen on Proof gold issues from the following decades. Given that, we would presume that this piece would be one of the restrikes, but obviously, this is unconfirmed. No marks are noted, and only a few very minor hairlines are seen under magnification, in the fields. A great coin and a very popular pattern, struck in gold, one of those metals which only have a very limited number of pattern pieces struck during the 19th century. This coin has been stickered by CAC.




Very Truly Yours,

Tom Pilitowski
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