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January 30, 2008

When the Saints go marching in!

St Gaudens Double Eagles are red hot!

This months Coin Dealer Newsletter Monthly Summary shows plus signs next to nearly every date in the St Gaudens series in most grades! That's right from lower grades of Extremely Fine 40 all the way up thru MS-65's you can see plus signs which are indicative of a Double Eagle Gold Coin market which is starting to react to increased bids almost across the board.

We are in an incredibly historic time. If anyone watched any part of the republican debates on CNN tonight, you've noticed that the politicians in this country (with the sole exception of Congressman Ron Paul) despite our being on the verge of a complete economic breakdown breakdown, continue to seek EXPANSION of both the welfare state and warfare state. What is coming out of these guys' mouths is absolutely stunning to a point where if they were running for office in France, we all might laugh and say, Thank Heavens we don't live there! Our ONLY hope as a nation to avoid a total breakdown will be somehow, someway for the media blackout of Ron Paul to end and for the people to rise up and get this man elected.

That would result in perhaps the greatest economic boom this country as ever seen! And I'm behind this guy as you can even see his banner on our websites homepage. Take some time and click on that banner, and read Dr Pauls positions.

In the meantime however we're in real trouble as evidenced by the Fed once again lowering interest rates as we see the meltdown in the housing market which is spreading not only in the USA but is starting to be felt across the world.

My friends, this is creating unprecedented opportunities in precious metals and rare coins among other tangible assets. Below take a look at just a few of our offerings of St Gaudens Gold Pieces, Double Eagles graded by PCGS and NGC and certified gem quality. These are great investment coins and we have just been lucky enough to land a number of great coins at great prices! These offerings below are only a FEW of the many Saints we have to offer so come on in, take a look around and sock a few of these coins away for the financial storm that's upon us. You'll be glad you did.

1909 St Gaudens $20 PCGS MS-64

Click on coin to view

1911-S St Gaudens NGC MS-65

Click on coin to view

1912 St Gaudens $20 NGC MS65

Click on coin to view

1913 St Gaudens $20 PCGS MS64

Click on coin to view

1913-D St Gaudens PCGS MS64

Click on coin to view

1913-S St Gaudens PCGS MS64

Click on coin to view

1914-S St Gaudens PCGS MS65

Click on coin to view

Remember, there's many more St Gaudens Double Eagle Gold coins on the website as well as in route to the grading services and almost 3 Million dollars in other great coins, many that you can view in the privacy of your home or office right on your home computer! If some of the coins you are interested in do not have an image, shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll get one to you.

Thank you for your business!

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870
Email: tompilitowski@yahoo.com

P.S. If you have any world coins that you would like to sell or trade, PLEASE contact us and offer us these coins. We are in a position to send overnight bank checks or wire transfers for fast purchases or help you realize the most for your coins by accepting them on consignment. Click Here to offer us your coins!

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