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October 14, 2011

US Rare Coin Investments Pittsburg ANA News & Newps

Dear Client,

Welcome to US Rare Coin Investments Newps offerings and general market commentary. Not a lot to say about the availability or lack of availability of quality early coins, or for that matter quality anything in better gold, Colonials and early coins in general. You’ve got to be smart enough to spot them and act fast enough when real quality presents itself as it’s a very competitive marketplace.

We’ve been very busy but we're well diversified and at it for so long but most everyone in the know is asking the same question and that’s where are all the quality coins, especially the earlies, Colonial and early Federal. Early and better gold in general that’s nice for the grade is downright tough to find these days and the ANA convention didn’t produce anywhere near what I would have liked to see and what I would have liked to see isn’t anywhere near what I can honestly tell you would fly out of here if it appeared in our inventory. This is indicative of the demand for coins in general over the years really catching up to the supply ( a subject all to itself )and in the case of the early coins, proof gold, early dollars, demand readily exceeds the supply. And not just earlies either. Here's an example for you to consider, nearly a year and a half ago client asked me to find for him a 1908 No Motto $10 Indian in MS-64 or MS-65 , preferably a nice one for the grade as the date doesn’t usually look very nice in lower grades and is downright difficult to find in MS-64 or higher. I saw one lone MS-65 coin about a year ago that wasn’t really that nice and a lot of money too so I passed and finally I found him the coin last week to which he happily added it to his Grandkids College Fund which means the coin will be off the market for a while. Almost 18 months to find that coin. You can still see it on the website under eagles but will be moved to the archives in a couple days. If you need a link to the sign up page for the archives let me know.

Here’s a few of our tasty newp tidbits below, some so new we haven’t even written a full description yet just snapped the images and uploaded ( full descriptions asap), with lots more on the website. Enjoy and please call or email with your interests and questions.


Amazing 1855 Type 2 Gold Dollar NGC MS65 - Price: $29,700.00

The King of the Indian Quarter Eagles 1911-D NGC MS63 - Price: $21,100.00

Flashy and Scarce 1884-CC $5 Half Eagle Gold NGC AU55 - Price: $7,000.00

1851 $10 Eagle from the SS Republic Shipwreck, NGC MS60 - Price: $7,200.00

Intensely Lustrous 1854 Large Date $20 Double Eagle NGC AU55 CAC - Price: $16,250.00

Blazing Gem 1857-S $20 Double Eagle-SS Central America PCGS MS65 CAC - Price: $16,250.00

If you missed our 10/9 Offerings please Click Here: Newsletter Archive

Happy Hunting

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free:
Email: TomPilitowski@yahoo.com


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