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October 18, 2013


CHOICE 1811 $5 Tall 5 NGC AU55
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1811 $5 Half Eagle Tall 5 NGC AU55 - $11,200.00

Here's a very choice about uncirculated 1811 Tall 5 early Capped Bust to Left Half Eagle graded by NGC AU-55. The Capped Bust to Left series is a highly sought after series of early fives, a short set of only 6 dates for types, as weights and designs were changing fast in those days just like the country itself in those early days. Check out the reverse of the coin peaking thru the obverse just above the date. Ever see that before? That's the E Pluribus Union poking thru as it's a high point on the design of the reverse. While this is not unique it is different as they do not all have it. These are the kinds of things that get collectors motivated to whip out the trusty magnifier too! While beautiful and historic these big early half eagles are in a good position for investment too with coins like this one graded choice AU-55 and great value priced at only $11,200.00

With the purchase of this or any early coin We are giving a free copy of "The Investors Guide to United States Coins" with statistical research done by Dr Jason Perry, Financial Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. This is a great book loaded with information on the investing of rare coins with specific information about rates of return in the early gold and other areas. Please call or email me to reserve this great early half eagle.

1811 $5 Tall 5, NGC AU55. This Capped Bust 1811 Half Eagle boasts a full strike with full details on both sides. The centers of the stars, hair details, the eagle’s feathers, and the lower left of the shield are all strong and sharp. The dentils are also strong on both the obverse and reverse. The surfaces are extremely clean for the grade, which could have easily been a few points higher. No adjustment marks are seen on the coin, which is lustrous especially in protected areas.

Within six months of his assignment as Assistant Engraver, John Reich designed the new half eagle. They were immediately criticized because Liberty was seen as “the artist’s fat mistress.” The obverse includes the artist’s signature, the notch on star 13. Many of these pieces were saved because they were the first of a new design and distinctly different from the European and Latin American coins that circulated during this time. However, in 1834 the weight standard for gold was lowered, and many half eagles went into melting pots.

The obverse shows Liberty in profile facing left wearing a LIBERTY inscribed cap that was intended to represent a Phrygian cap. It has seven stars to the left of Liberty and six to the right with the date below. The reverse shows a heraldic eagle with its wings raised. It is more defiant than its predecessor with its mouth opened and its neck aggressively curved. The inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is in an arc around the eagle, interrupted by the wing tips. On a banner over the eagle’s head between its wings is the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM. The denomination written as 5 D is below. Dentils are seen at the periphery of both sides of the coin.

Reich corrected the error made by Robert Scot in the design of the previous half eagle (as well as his other heraldic eagle motifs). Scot had placed the arrows in the eagle’s right or dexter claw and put the olive branch in the left or sinister claw. This reversal of the positions of these two items is an inaccurate modification of the Great Seal of the United States. Arrows in the right claw symbolize extreme militarism, perhaps placed there because of the recent hostilities with France over shipping rights. The symbolism was being used to make a statement to France and others about the sovereignty of the United States. On the Capped Bust Half Eagle, the olive branch is in the right claw and the arrows are in the left.

- $11,200.00

Very Truly Yours,

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free:
Email: TomPilitowski@yahoo.com

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