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US Rare Coin Investments will pay for the insurance on your material if you pay for and send the coins in a box via EXPRESS MAIL at the post office. Before you ship you must send an email to us to confirm our interest in what you wish to send! Please follow these instructions:

1. Items can be sent in an Express Mail BOX, which can be obtained at the post office for free. NOTE: You may use any box you want, but you must use a BOX and send it by Express Mail to be covered by our insurance at no charge.

Do not mention valuables of any kind. No additional insurance needed since our private dealer’s insurance will cover your items up to $25,000.00 per box. If your items are worth more than $25,000, your options can be to simply send more than 1 box or if your collection is valued at $100,000-$350,000 it’s generallt a simple matter of our underwriter quote a price and in the case of 7 figure deals we will have a personal courier pick your holdings up.


2. You need an Express Mail Box, Express Mail Envelope, Express Mail Label (available free at any Post Office), blank envelope, packing list, your merchandise.

3. Create a packing list that includes your name, your mailing address, your day-time and evening telephone numbers, and a detailed inventory of what your are sending. Keep a copy for your records.

4. Put your coin(s) into the blank envelope with the packing list.

5. Put the envelope that contains your coins and list into the Express Mail envelope. Seal it.

6. Put the Express Mail envelope into the Express Mail Box. Fill the box with packing peanuts or newspaper so the contents do not rattle around. Seal the box.

7. Fill out the Express Mail label as follows:
FROM: Your Name/ Thomas M. Pilitowski & Associates Inc.
Your address information and telephone number

TO: Tom Pilitowski/USRCI
P.O. Box 496607
Port Charlotte, Fl 33949

8. Keep a copy of your Express Mail label. (This is your proof of shipment and insurance in the event of a loss.) Email to Tom Pilitowski at info@usrarecoininvestments.com the tracking number of the package(s). It is located on the top left side of the label. It will be a matter of 24-48 hours for your package to arrive depending on the post office you are sending them from.

Shortly after receiving your box, we will have prices for you and will contact you to discuss your options such as outright purchase or placing your item(s) in an auction.

If you do not accept our offer, the items will be shipped back the same way at your cost. If you wish, you can either include an appropriate check to cover the cost of return shipping or we can notify you of cost of return shipping later.

These instructions MUST be followed EXACTLY or any claim will be denied.

Very Truly Yours
Tom Pilitowski
U.S. Rare Coin Investments
P.O. Box 496607
Port Charlotte, Florida 33949
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870
Email: info@usrarecoininvestments.com

US Rare Coin Investments 2003 - 2017 U.S. Rare Coin Investments

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