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1799 Gold Eagle, Small Stars Obverse

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1799 $10
PCGS MS62 Small Stars Obverse
Inquire SOLD

1799 Eagle - 1799 $10 Gold Ealge PCGS MS62, Small Stars Obverse. T-19, BD-7, R-3 (Irregular Date sub-variety). Gorgeous and choice mint state early gold eagle. Small stars variety. Early eagles are considered among the greatest of all US numismatics among collectors and investors. The specimen here is of the small stars variety and a more scarce variety which will most certainly please the fussiest of graders and collectors.

1799 $10 (Small Stars/Irregular date obverse, BD-7, R-3) PCGS MS-62. One has to wonder why this specific coin survived in such magnificent quality for well over 200 years. Still considered to be a “common” date, at least within the context of the series, this is a date that is often included to represent the type in an advanced type set. Demand is further increased by the 17xx date, which appears to increase demand for any given American coin, a certain mystery that surrounds the first two digits. For collectors of the early eagles, all minted in limited quantities from 1795 to 1804, this is also an important offering as finer examples are seldom encountered.

The coin we offer here is a representative of the so-called small stars obverse variety, separately listed in the Red Book. It is believed that this variety was the first struck, and that the Mint used to the large stars type once the small star punch broke. In fact, all subsequent obverse dies would use the large stars obverse variety. The variety is further identified on the obverse by the irregularity of the date numerals, which were punched individually into the working die by hand. The reverse was used on one earlier variety, but also saw its last use with this die combination. This specific variety is generally considered to be the most available for the year (although the small stars obverse is scarcer than the large stars obverse), but this does not necessarily mean that it is common. With an estimated mintage of 10,000 to 15,000 and 250 to 300 known in all grades (per Bass-Dannreuther, Early U.S. Gold Coin Varieties), this would be considered to be a prime rarity in many other series.

As previously mentioned this is a rare uncirculated survivor, retaining its originality to this day. Full luster is visible on both sides, and the coin lacks the dipped out surfaces that are seen on so many of these coins. No individual abrasions are worth mentioning, with only a few minor marks scattered in the fields. The strike is sharp, with only slight weakness (common for this issue) visible on the highest points of the design. In all, this is an important offering of this ever popular early American gold coin.


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